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Learn more about the benefits of proper breathing, swallowing, tongue and lip posture, with a natural approach to well-being, through Myofunctional Therapy.




Importance of Nose Breathing



What is Biofilm?

Biofilm forms when bacteria adhere to surfaces in moist environments by excreting a slimy, glue-like substance. Sites for biofilm formation include all kinds of surfaces: natural materials above and below ground, metals, plastics, medical implant materials—even plant and body tissue. Wherever you find a combination of moisture, nutrients and a surface, you are likely to find biofilm.  Biofilm plays a major role in the mouth, and must be disturbed daily for optimum health.


Citation: Montana State University


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Using laser technology for bacterial reduction in the mouth has changed the way I practice Dental Hygiene. No longer treating just the teeth and gums, with laser technologies we are able to positively impact one's whole body.

study on laser effectiveness

The laser targets the bacteria that has been linked to a list of systemic conditions, including heart disease, brain disease, diabetes, asthma, kidneys, low birth weights, some cancers, and arthritis. 

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