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Karen Mills  
     Registered Dental Hygienist  -- Certified Orofacial Myologist® -- Saskatchewan Dental Therapist

     I began my career in dentistry as a Dental Therapist in Saskatchewan.  As a Dental Therapist I worked with a Dental Assistant in public schools, providing dental care to children aged 4 to 18.  Services included x-rays, exams, fillings, extractions of baby teeth, space maintainers, crowns, oral hygiene instruction and cleanings.
      In 1990, with a one year old in tow, I expanded my education to include Dental Hygiene.  In 1999 I moved with my two children to Calgary. I am so proud to be a Calgarian and to have this opportunity to offer my years of experience and passion for dental health to all. I discovered many of the techniques I had been sharing with my hygiene patients, fell under the heading Orofacial Myology.  I have now completed the training. So I am thrilled to be able to offer this therapy as well. It is a wonderful opportunity to share my journey and experience with you. I can guarantee an appointment filled with new knowledge, gentle and experienced clinical skills (and fun!).

       My passions, of course, include my amazing children, Jesse and Kaylee; their lives are an inspiration to me.
I am also a singer songwriter, which is great fun. I perform at local coffee shops and various other venues. I proudly released my first original CD about 5 years ago. You can learn and hear more about my music passion  HERE.

Over 40 years experience in the

dental field

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