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"Karen empowers me to take charge of my oral hygiene in a straightforward and no-fuss manner.  She is technically skilled beyond any hygienist I have encountered in the past.  I leave every visit with a newfound appreciation of both my oral and overall health and well being.  How does Karen do this?  What is her secret?  She seeks out and is excited about keeping up  with current research, techniques and the breadth of her knowledge continues to grow.  Ask her about it; she loves to share her knowledge!  Thank you Karen."   Emily

I have been fortunate to have Karen look after my smile and much more.  She has provided teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and laser therapy for healthy teeth and gums.  She was one of the most gentle, knowledgeable, best hygienist that I have ever experienced.  Christina



Karen provides expert Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for my swallowing issues, and TMD injuries, a result of whiplash from a car accident.  The therapy has resulted in correct tongue posture, swallowing and healthy muscles inside and outside of my mouth.  It has made a huge difference in how my jaw and mouth look and work.  I am slowly seeing improvement in my sleep pattern as a result of healthier breathing.  I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea.  I am very pleased with the exceptional treatment that I have received.  Christina

Myofunctional Therapy

Kara Penno Mah recommends Healthy Life Smiles: "After years of speech therapy my son’s third grade teacher commented that he still could not understand much of my sons speech. We were referred by our speech therapist to Karen Mills for Orofacial Myology. This treatment has truly been a game changer. Karen has been able to successfully capture my sons attention and interest through therapy and within months significant improvements in his speech were noted. Karen makes the various exercises fun and engaging for kids and always makes you feel at home when you visit her office. We have now started our younger child with Karen. Our latest treatments have occurred since the COVID reopenings. Karen’s office has always followed careful hygiene protocols and now during COVID she continues to take careful measures to ensure her space and therapy is provided in a very safe manner. I feel very safe and comfortable having my children seek therapy with Karen.

Referring Partners

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Julie Stang


mouthguards and dental hygiene

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